West Coast sunsets, you just can’t beat them. #sunset #santamonica #westcoast #lategram #cali #nofilter

Traffic and all I still love coming home to this😎 #loveyourcity (at 110 South / 10 West)

Wrapping up a great weekend with my partner in crime, my man, my bestie hollerrr #cantstopwontstop #beingannoyinggthatis (at Downtown Los Angeles)

It’s a good day to be in LA. life is good😎 (at Medici Apartments)

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Can’t stop won’t stop. #venice (at Venice Beach)

Naturally going to the beach was my first move this morning 🌊 (at Venice Beach)

😎🌊 “the world I love, the tears I drop to be part of the wave can’t stop” #didntevencry #tookitlikeaG

#tbt at CBS so fortunate to have these talented women in my life 😘


for yo thirsty ass

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We’re actually professional hikers. Take note y’all

"This hiking trail is easy, no way you can get lost" challenge accepted @laurelchadwick #lategram #weforgotourcompass (at Topanga State Park)

Who wants to come spend their paychecks with me at Whole Foods and meet Fabio? But wait…I’m actually serious. (at Whole Foods Market)